You won’t find anyone better at sourcing your materials, bulk supply, and product needs than Infinity! Through Infinity’s extensive supply channels, product sourcing knowledge and established business relationships, our experienced team can engage in high-quality sourcing while minding your budgets, deadlines, quality and inventory. Our sourcing services have established the necessary infrastructure to provide you with an easy “turnkey” solution that encompasses manufacturing, shipping, warehousing, distribution, and delivery.

There are many reasons why you may choose to outsource to Infinity. Some of the most common reasons include:

• Reducing and controlling operating costs
• Keeping your focus on what you do best
• Gaining access to world-class capabilities
• Freeing internal resources for other purposes
• Streamlining or increasing efficiency for time-consuming functions
• Maximizing use of external resources
• Sharing risks with us as a partner company


Most businesses needing sales and marketing capacity tend to develop in-house solutions – they either employ a dedicated group of sales and marketing professionals, or assign an existing employee wearing multiple hats and inundate them with demand generation duties beyond their current responsibilities. The results seen in many internal sales and marketing departments are often inconsistent in spite of what it may cost to run them. The Alternative?

Outsource the Marketing AND the Sales to Infinity

It’s common to outsource various parts of a business: accounting, book keeping, customer service, even HR can be outsourced, so it’s no surprise to see marketing and sales join the list.

In fact, companies are increasingly learning that outsourcing their marketing team and/or their sales team can be a game changer for them. At Infinity, we provide access to a higher caliber and experienced professional team, while removing the overhead of hosting an internal department. This provides your company with the ability to source all sub-disciplines from a single location which adds considerable value.

Utilizing Infinity will produce outstanding results. We dramatically increase buyer traffic volumes through our already existing channels, reduce overhead, and ensure a professional approach.

Applying an outside-in perspective and helping clients achieve growth are fundamental to our approach at Infinity.

Our Infinite Procurement Possibilities

How much better, faster or smarter could you do what you do? Infinity helps you reimagine your operations to unlock growth, lower costs and unleash your strategy. Our deep bench of consulting experts have collaborated on 4,000 projects to achieve operational excellence.

Our talented procurement team can provide valuable data, analysis and insights that influence what a company buys and how it buys. But many organizations wall off procurement from the rest of the business, treating it as a non-strategic service. Procurement managers that have a mandate to think strategically about what a company buys and spends can make the business case for change. But overcoming organizational silos takes time, and procurement needs to earn a seat at the table with business unit leaders.

Leading companies achieve full potential savings by creating a collaborative partnership between procurement and the business, and making both accountable for results. They invest in procurement teams with the skills and talent to work across all business functions. The combination enables smarter, proactive purchasing decisions.  Let Infinity be your guide.

Save more in time and money

• Buy better. When companies set out to trim procurement costs, they typically focus on the two areas of savings that procurement offices control directly: price negotiation and supplier selection, which both help companies buy better.

Negotiate better. Infinity negotiates prices for everything your company buys. This may sound obvious, but many companies struggle with how to do this when the offering is more customized, as in the cannabis industry. Even worse, numerous hands might be reaching into the mix only to cause confusion, greater expense, and lost time. Infinity cuts through the mess to bring the savings you want in the timely manner you deserve.

Streamline suppliers. We vet the suppliers in our industry to ensure the quality, consistency, and availability of their products. This industry is fraught with backend deal makers who make erroneous claims that will cost you valuable time.

• Spend better. Buying better is critical, but spending better can double a company’s procurement gains—or more. Infinity has the techniques for spending better, which focuses on what companies are buying, not just what they pay for it, that can produce 60% of total savings. Companies that do both—buy better and spend better—canvass the entire landscape of opportunities.