CBD Products

Infinity has taken the time to research the best products prior to providing our own line of CBD therapies. Our specialized products target those suffering from chronic pain and inflammation. While we cannot make medication claims, our current test results show positive efficacy and delivery for maximized relief. Clinical trials begin this month to back up our theories and products – stay tuned for the results.

Our product line includes portable & discreet vaporizer pens, patches, topicals, and lozenges.

Vape Pens
By combining the powerful therapeutic benefits of full spectrum hemp oil with the unique healing properties of aromatherapy, Infinity provides a unique line of portable vape pens targeted to provide pain relief and overall well-being. Rich in terpenes, full spectrum cannabinoidal oil, smooth, always lab tested, and great tasting, we are confident you will fully enjoy our formulations.

Topicals that last up to 96 hours. Our products are made with combinations of pure natural full spectrum hemp oils, terpenes, and ancient medicinal herbs. Most other patches last less than half a day while our patches provide up to four days of quality consistent treatment. Try applying our roll-ons to aching muscles and joints, or to each temple. Rub our salves on damaged or dry skin.


Steep into the world of MumTea. An exclusive source for premium and wellness centered sweet teas. All blends are naturally sweetened with premium spices, herbs, and freshly ground monk fruit. Zero grams of sugar, zero artificial flavors, and zero sugar alcohols. Read more…

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