Our Team

Brad – CEO / President of Sourcing Division
 Brad brings a wealth of organizational management and leadership experience as a former Operations
Manager for Honeywell Aerospace. Brad’s focus for Honeywell and other companies was product sourcing, procurement, and management. His insight for policies, procedures, and product management emphasize the details required to oversee a burgeoning business in a rapidly growing industry. His MBA emphasis is international business. 


Micah – President of Media Division
Micah began his business media career in 2005 with night club venues and event promotions. He transitioned into marketing in 2008. Since then, he has worked with numerous organizations in almost every industry and at every level. Such companies include Vitamin Water, Fuze beverages, and Heaven Hill Distilleries, and Harvey’s Handbags. His political contributions include Alex Garcia’s campaign for City of Corona councilman. Micah’s years of C-Level coaching and consulting has allowed him to develop as a leader, solutions provider and forward thinker.




Monique – Director
Monique has served in various governmental capacities creating policies and enforcement procedures. Her extensive skills in training, educating, and supporting personnel allow her to provide functional oversight for the company. She has over ten years in customer and client support and account management.

Steve – Business Development
Steve has a solid 22+ years experience driving profitable revenues in the tech sector. This includes International Business Development, Strategic Alliance & Sales, and Entrepreneurship / Leadership. Steve has a strong cross-functional background with skills in business development & strategic alliance processes, complex negotiation skills, corporate development strategies, channel sales and team building. He is creative, analytical, decisive, solutions-focused, process driven, strategic sales results-oriented executive.




Frank – Marketing


 Frank is an advertising expert and visionary. His synergy of over 35 years experience in launching start up companies, new products, and services extends to national retail space for both USA / Latin America markets. Frank has developed an extensive network of media, brands and publishing relationships. He works exclusively with all forms of media, including Broadcast Television, Magazines, Newspapers, Direct Response, Print Mail, Social Media, Sports Branding Sponsorship and Non-Profit Fundraising. Frank earned his B.A. in Public Relations & Marketing from Ashford University. He is fluent in both English and Spanish.